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    LOI Deadline: 12/1/2022
    Grant Deadline: 3/1/2023

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    Kari Blakley

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    PO BOX 1405
    Ada, OK 74821

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    1300 Arlington
    Ada, OK 74820

FY 2021-2022 Grant Areas of Support

    FY 2021-2022 Grants Awarded

    • Abba’s Tables, Inc.
      Ada Homeless Services
      Ada Senior Care Center
      Because We Care Philanthropy Inc
      Compassion Outreach Center
      House of Hope Pregnancy Care Center
      Infant Crisis Services, Inc.
      Mercy Health Foundation Ada
      Oklahoma Dental Foundation
      Pontotoc County Public Transit Authority
      Team Tyman Love Legacy Corporation
    • $15,000


    Kyle Stuart

    Mark Weems
    Vice President

    Susie Summers

    Semira Charboneau

    Angela Eppler

    Bill Lance

    Bart McCortney

    Dean Peterson J.D.

    Doree Thompson

    Foundation History

    In 1935, community leaders in Ada, Oklahoma formed a community hospital corporate structure that became known as Valley View Hospital in 1936. Valley View Hospital was initially a 64 bed hospital which also had a separate home for its nurses. In 1938 when the construction of Valley View Hospital was finished the total cost of the site came in at $300,000 dollars.

    In 1951 there was a growing need for a maternity ward in the community. Valley View Hospital then decided to transform its original home for nurses into a modern maternity ward. The needs of the community have always spurred the actions of Valley View Hospital. In 1958 Valley View Hospital was faced with a need to expand as the community is supported was rapidly growing. During this time the kitchen received an update adding more space and modern appliances as well as adding eight private rooms to the hospital. Just a few years later, in 1960 a rehabilitation complex was added to the facility. Later in 1967 Valley View Hospital was faced with the challenge yet again to provide top of the line medical care to Ada and the surrounding community. One of the greatest difficulties at the time was the limited amount of space the general hospital provided. To solve this demanding problem the construction of a northwest wing was approved and in 1968 the project was completed. With the completion of this wing Valley View Hospital was a 200 bed facility.

    Over the next 15 plus years both the community of Ada and the medical field experienced growth and change. In the mid-1980s there was a pressing need for a new modern hospital facility that could meet the medical needs of this area of the state well into the 21st century. The development of a new hospital was a large financial undertaking. After many community discussions in 1983, Ada voters passed a 1-cent sales tax to fund the new Valley View Regional Hospital. In 1984, the 19 million dollar project began. Two years later Valley View Regional Hospital opened at 430 n. Monte Vista. This was a great accomplishment for the community.

    As rural hospitals throughout the United States entered the 21st century new and serious operating and financial challenges were encountered. Valley View Regional Hospital had to meet the challenges. In 2009, after many sleepless nights Valley View Regional Hospital entered into a management agreement with Mercy. The working agreement allowed them to stabilize the running of the hospital as well as pay off the 30 million dollar revenue bonds that had been used to construct the new hospital in 1986. The relationship formed between Valley View Regional Hospital and Mercy grew stronger and proved to provide the Ada community with excellent medical care and state of the art resources.

    Thus, in 2013 Mercy and the Valley View Hospital Corporation entered into a 40 year long-term lease. On July 1, 2013, Mercy Hospital Ada came into existence. During the last two years final arrangements between Mercy and the Valley View Hospital Corporation have taken place. Accordingly, on March 12, 2015 Valley View Hospital Corporation officially changed its name to Valley View Health and Wellness Foundation. In 2017, the name was changed to Valley View Foundation. Our mission of significantly improving the health and wellness of the citizens of Ada and the surrounding areas with an emphasis in Pontotoc County has not changed. Valley View Foundation is transitioning into a strong community servant by promoting the health and wellness of our great community here in Ada and the surrounding area through the grant giving process. With a great sense of responsibility Valley View Foundation looks forward to the opportunity to contribute back to the community it has served since 1935.

    Mission Statement

    Valley View Foundation’s mission is to promote and improve the health and wellness of the residents of the City of Ada and surrounding areas with an emphasis in Pontotoc County.

    Granting Guidelines

    Valley View Foundation makes grants to fund the following: Hospital infrastructure and specific needs that fall within the Foundation’s Mission, prevention, immediate health needs, seed/matching money to leverage healthcare projects, and healthcare education.

    Valley View Foundation will not fund grants to the following: Individuals, endowments, direct scholarships, individual faith congregations for denominational purposes, or organizations that determine the purpose or the ultimate recipient of the grant.

    Valley View Foundation

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    LOI Deadline: 12/1/2022
    Grant Deadline: 3/1/2023